Overcurrent protection device provide a wide range of protection function.

Protective Functions

  1. phase under voltage protection (and/or logic: 27)
  2. phase overvoltage protection (and/or logic: 59)
  3. zero sequence over voltage (59N)
  4. Cold load pickup
  5. Latching output contacts (86)
  6. Blocking logic

Customer Benefits

  1. Highly reliable
  2. Full set of measurments, metering and records
  3. Simple and flexible solution
  4. Draw out structure which cussed dont open the cabinet door for maintenance.
  5. All setting is run by HMI or PC


  1. Pt input (110VAC)
  2. Up to 250 events, 25 fault and 5 disturbance records available
  3. 2X16 LCD display
  4. 8 LEDs for relay status and programmable function
  5. 4 digital outputs
  6. 2 digital inputs
  7. 4 analog inputs (100VAC)
  8. Watchdog relay supply an indication that the relay is in healthy safe
  9. Operating temperature -15˚c to 60˚c
  10. Setting software using RS232 front port or RS485 rear port
  11. Easy integration substation digital control system or SCADA through Modbus RTU
  12. Compliance with international standard EN 60255-27
  13. 13 IDMT curves supported as IEEE for overcurrent and earth fauit