1. The test block obviates need to disturb protective system wiring for testing, monitoring, isolation and quickly performed.
  2. HFTB01 carries 14 circuits, each of which is brought out to separate pairs of terminals at the rear of case.
  3. Each circuit comprises a pair of internal contacts which are normally sprung together to complete the circuit link though the block when the associated protective equipment is in normal service.
  4. Access to these internal circuits for testing purposes, can be gained by removing the front cover and outing HFTP01 instead.


Technical data

  1. 5kv rms for 1 minute between all case terminals connected together and the case earth terminal.
  2. 5kv rms for 1 minute between any contact pair, provided the intermediate contact pair is not used.
  3. 1kv rms for 1 minute between terminal 13 and 14 when the cover is removed.
  4. All contact circuits rated at 20A
  5. Continuously or 400A HFTP01 for 1s, ac or dc.
  6. Storage and transit -25 c˚ to + 70 c˚
  7. Operating temperature -25 c˚ to + 55 c˚
  8. IP 50 (dust protected)