Alarm system


  • Compact alarm system, with a basic module of 1 to 20 windows variable in dimension depending on number of windows
  • Multiple modules coupling possibility
  • Easy colour printing of Alarm points ( text and back ground ) parallel arrangement possibility of compact alarm for increasing number of windows
  • Isolated by Opto coupler inputs. Supply input by customer order from 24VDC to 240VDC , NO (normally open) free contacts
  • Alarm sequence possibilities according to ISA 18.1
  • Easy and fast programming by dip switches for emergency or normal signals
  • Tow separate contact free relay for emergency and normal signals
  • Signals are synchronic when alarms are parallel to each othe
  • Possibility to parallel each compact alarm for extending any number of windows
  • Possibility to control all windows by each of the keyboards on any compact alarms enjoying the parallel arrangement

The AEG SAM compact alarm system is suitable for 1 to 20 points, with NO input contacts.
This system is supplied in a DIN 144×144×90 mm enclosure for flush mounting. An easy alarms description and background colour printing . Inputs by plug-in terminals and a high degree protection panel.

The Alarm has 20 inputs that can be set as NO for choosing normal and emergency signals using dipswitches. All inputs are isolated by opto coupler and can be supplied with any voltage between 24 to 240VAC/DC depend on customer order but normally it is 110 VDC. The Alarm includes an small keyboard for horn off, acknowledgement, reset and lamp test push buttons. Any of push buttons can control other alarms in parallel arrangement.

The outputs are two voltage free contacts relays. One of them is intended for the acoustic or signaling and the other for external output relay or any other use

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