The sectionalizer relay type DSA 2.1 is a numerical relay have been designed so that you can use it by coordination recloser relay.
The DSA 2.1 relay provide comprehensive sectionalizer phase fault protection for utilities networks, industrial plants and networks as well as for other applications
where sectionalizer protection is required.In addition to its protective functions, each relay offers control and recording features. They can be fully integrated to a control system so protection, control,data acquisition and recording of faults, events and disturbances can be made available.The relay is equipped on the front panel with a liquid crystal display (LCD) with 2 x 16 back-lit alphanumerical characters, a tactile 7 button keypad (to access all settings, clear alarms and read measurements) and 11 LEDs that indicate the status of the relay.
In addition, the use of the RS485 communication port by using protocol mode bus makes it possible to read, reinitialize and change the settings of the relay, if required, from a local or remote PC computer loaded with software.Its flexibility of use, reduced maintenance requirements and ease of integration allow the Relay to provide an adaptable solution for the problems of the protection electric networks.

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